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One of the glories of woodworking, not to mention working primarily alone, is that I get to listen to whatever I damn well want. Because I'm in the midst of ruckus heavy machinery this means I'm often plugged in to some sort of noise isolating headphones (I've got a few) and what I'm listening to inevitably carries a great responsibility because it is not in the background - it is right there pressed up against or into my ears, a sonic barrier to the mayhem of industry. And don't go giving me a hard time about ruining my hearing - I know. I know.

I am currently indebted to Radiotopia for filling my days with just perfect radio stories. I have been trying to put a finger on what it is about radio and listening that separates the platform from television or reading. For now I have decided on nostalgia. The stories often refer back to memories of childhood, high school, early twenties, or the eighties in ways both brief and heart wrenching. I love it. 

As it happens Radiotopia is in the home stretch of a record breaking Kickstarter drive and again I have donated (gotta get some new t-shirts!) and am binge listening. Just today I listening to one about a phone sex hotline and another about flag design. What a day. I don't think I'll convince you to listen to podcasts if you don't already but here's to hoping. 

Watch out, this one's explicit:

This one is pedestrian: