Quilting Room

Posted on by Andrew Roy Woodworking

These quilters are serious. They have blogs, galleries, they have whole rooms dedicated to their fanatical craft (sounds a bit like woodworking) with cloth storage, display cases, recessed desks customized to house vintage sewing machines.

This desk is humble by comparison.  Built from maple apple plywood with ample work surfaces for cutting, sewing and layout. The lighter wood was chosen to add texture to the painted room without drawing attention away from the quilts in progress. Hardwood walnut feet and aprons were added for warmth and understated contemporary detail and to lighten the look of the storage cabinets.

Bevels along the cabinet edges and desk tops and offset routed drawer pulls offer depth to the utilitarian piece. On the whole the desk will offer a comfortable and customized work space that compliments the detail of the quilters art.