Slab Rant 2012

Posted on by Andrew Roy Woodworking

Way back in my youth, in 2011, I had some reservations to the idea of the wood slab table. "That isn't woodworking," I thought. It's just screwing a plank of wood to a base. Lazy sunday. You see, I spent 6 years learning woodworking way over in Boston and although George Nakashima's (arguably the forefather of slab designed furniture) workshop is also in New England (New Hope Pennsylvania) I had yet to build any slab furniture.

A couple of years ago, upon my move to Northern California I read Nakashima's book, The Soul of a Tree. It was interesting, romantic even, but I didn't get it. Nakashima seemed a little overdone, spent a little too much time listening to the trees ala Ferngully.

Then I got a slab of my very own.