Without delving too deep into child cognitive development, object permanence is a child's ability to recognize that objects still exist even when they can not be seen or heard. It was a trip when each of my two sons reached this milestone, when they were around 4 months old. They sleep better at night. 

The more I think about this particular concept, the more I think how irrational it is to believe that something should continue to exist outside of ones' senses. It takes quite a bit of ignorance to presume that the world will hold fast like a photograph when we close our eyes as well as a bit denial when the certainty does arise that most things do change over time and right in front of our eyes. 

With that bit of despaired logic I am designating this the permanent home of the "Object Permanence" furniture line. The furniture itself, an essentials collection of chairs, tables and free standing cabinets, will serve as anchors in our ever changing world. They will feature timeless wood-centric designs built to endure generations of abuse. The furniture is meant to blend in when necessary - appropriate for modern interiors - but upon closer inspection, shine with visible joinery and vibrant hand selected locally salvaged hardwoods. 

My hope is that in this age of planned obsolescence, when we are encouraged to refresh our possessions every few years, if not sooner, I can provide a product that will endure in both construction and design. An object that will continue to exist as we expected it to even when we close our eyes.